Halloween Horrors 2011 focused a great deal on the obscure. Dealing mostly with foreign cinema, this was a very productive year and featured numerous great films among the content that was covered.

Halloween Horrors #01: Cold Eyes of Fear
We begin in Italy and focus on the giallo, a genre that will be well-represented on this list!

Halloween Horrors #02: Diary of a Serial Killer
Hong Kong steps up to the plate and delivers this unsettling CAT III serial killer flick.

Halloween Horrors #03: Cannibal Campout
A VHS horror masterpiece for the ages! Well, not really, but it was shot on VHS and it is a horror movie.

Halloween Horrors #04: Eyeball
Some more Italian horror for the festivities. Eyeball is an underrated little giallo flick that more people should seek out!

Halloween Horrors #05: Spasmo
Continuing with the giallo theme, with this one things manage to get pretty weird. Not necessarily good, but certainly weird.

Halloween Horrors #06: Blood Diner
A classic piece of horror-comedy, Blood Diner is bizarre and wonderful in a multitude of ways.

Halloween Horrors #07: Robotrix
Not strictly a horror film, Robotrix has enough gore and insanity in it to warrant the title.

Halloween Horrors #08: Alien Space Avenger
Honestly, I’m not even sure how we dug this one up.

Halloween Horrors #09: The Case of the Scorpion’s Tail
More giallo horror for this special occasion! Not an alltime classic, but it has its moments.

Halloween Horrors #10: Death Weekend
Although the title makes it sound silly, this exploitation thriller is anything but that.

Halloween Horrors #11: The Slumber Party Massacre
How about some massacre-ing to go with that slumber party you’re having this weekend? Sounds good to me!

Halloween Horrors #12: The Slit-Mouthed Woman
Thanks to popular internet horror stories, Slit-Mouthed Woman has become more and more popular within recent years. This adaptation of the Japanese tale isn’t great, but it’s not all that bad either.

Halloween Horrors #13: Blood Curse
A very solid supernatural Spanish horror title. Certainly worth checking out!

Halloween Horrors #14: The Hillside Stranglings
Things get really dark in this based-on-true-events horror thriller.

Halloween Horrors #15: Root of Evil
An Asian horror title that is about a haunted tree… no, I swear, it’s not as silly as that sounds!

Halloween Horrors #16: Popatopolis
This is not so much a horror movie, as a documentary about a man who is infamous within the world of horror movies.

Halloween Horrors #17: Axe – by Prof. Aglaophotis
Prof. Aglaophotis steps up to the plate and delivers another of his obscure horror reviews as he takes on Axe!

Halloween Horrors #18: Who Can Kill a Child?
After watching this film, you too will believe that you can euthanize a young person.

Halloween Horrors #19: Corpse Mania
Ever wanted to see a Hong Kong giallo? Read the review and then go out and see it for yourself!

Halloween Horrors #20: Mystics in Bali
A true “WTF” piece of celluloid, Mystics in Bali is some must-see cinema.

Halloween Horrors #21: Slumber Party Massacre II
If there wasn’t enough slumber party massacre-ing during the first movie, move over and get ready for the next feature in this series!

Halloween Horrors #22: Messiah of Evil – by Prof. Aglaophotis
Prof. Aglaophotis drops in for a review of this classic indie horror, Messiah of Evil. A shockingly well-made movie to have went so many years wandering in obscurity.

Halloween Horrors #23: The Killer Must Kill Again
A very bizarre-but-beautiful giallo, this is certainly one that deserves to have more eyes on it.

Halloween Horrors #24: The Church
Ending with Italy, and one of the more intriguing classic pieces of Italian horror cinema.