Things are winding down here on Varied Celluloid, folks! Only a couple of other reviews to go, and tomorrow you’ll all be celebrating the most festive day of the year for horror nerds! Today, Prof. Aglaophotis returns yet again for seconds as he takes on the very best public domain film that I have personally ever seen. Messiah of Evil AKA: Dead People, is a horror title quite unlike any other. Give his review a read after clicking on the poster art.

The Plot: The story opens with the despondent diction of Arletty Lang, a woman who was placed in an asylum after her encounter in a small town called Point Dune. She had gone there in search of her father, Joseph, a local painter who moved there after Mrs. Lang passed away. In the ensuing years, his letters became Arletty’s only form of contact with her father. Sensing something was wrong from his depressing and threatened messages, she drove to Point Dune. Upon finding his house empty, Arletty discovers she’s in a town filled with strange people, and is forced to trust a trio of swingers: Laura, Toni and Tom, the latter of whom is also searching for Joseph. Tom is a major in mythology who wants to learn about the town legend that the moon on the side of Point Dune turned blood-red back in the 1800’s. As the four of them stay in the Lang house, strange events occur as the people of Point Dune begin droning around the town at night. Soon, Arletty will discover what’s so important about the blood moon as well as her true role in searching for her father: as the Messiah of Evil rises back into power.