With Halloween only a handful of days away, you guys can expect even more content coming down the pipeline as we wrap up the Halloween Horrors! Today I have a review from our good friend Prof. Aglaophotis as he takes on Lucio Fulci’s classic Zombie. It’s a really great review and he perfectly captures what makes the movie so special, so definitely check it out whether you have seen the movie or not!

The Plot: An unmanned boat is on a collision course along the shores of Stanton Island, New York. After the unseen crew of this mysterious boat fail to communicate, the Coast Guard is forced to board the boat and figure out what went wrong. One of the Coast Guardsmen is attacked and killed by a strange, seemingly undead crewman who is shot off deck. As the boat is docked and investigations are made, it is discovered that the boat is owned by a scientist whose only known immediate relative is his daughter, Anne Bowles (Tisa Farrow). As Anne investigates the boat on her own one night, she is encountered by NY journalist Peter West who is also snooping around the boat for clues. The two team together and decide to find out the multiple enigmas behind the arrival of the dead ship. Once the two obtain a boat led by a vacationing couple, they follow the trail of the scientist and the island he was last seen on… the island of Matoul… an island where, as of late, the dead have been rising and feasting on the living.

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