Prof. Aglaophotis, the dude that he is, followed up his excellent review for Fulci’s Zombie with this equally excellent review for the trashy piece of horror known as Trick or Treat! Give it a read!

The Plot: Eddie is a heavy metal rocker in high school who’s obsession with heavy metal, hair metal and plain ol’ rock n’ roll matches his intelligence, yet fails to protect him from being estranged by his peers. All of the jocks, athletes and their preppie girl friends find every chance to embarrass him in various ways, despite a few sympathies he gets from some of the girls. Regardless, Eddie makes rock his life until his favorite rock musician Sammi Curr dies in a hotel fire over night. Thankfully, Eddie is friends with the town’s rock radio station DJ Nuke who, in memory of Sammi, gives Eddie an unreleased album that Nuke intended on playing up-coming Halloween night. At first, the album does little to ease Eddie’s feeling of loss and having little association with one of the sympathetic preppie girls Leslie, who’s attempts to have him be a part of the crowd backfire from her boyfriend’s pranks.

However, when Eddie fortuitously plays the record backwards, the cryptic voice of Sammi Curr emanates from the record, giving Eddie advice, guiding him into actions of revenge upon his tormentors in chaotic, but helpful premonitions. Unfortunately, as the record is copied on to tape, Sammi’s spirit starts getting malevolent and is eventually released from the record to reveal a plan of devastating proportions, one that Eddie won’t have a part of. Now Eddie is entrusting his only friends and his own wits to destroy every copy of Sammi’s unreleased album, before the innocent suffer from the evil fist of a rocker spirit gone off his rocker!

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