Hey everybody, we’re dwindling down to the final hours of our Halloween Horrors. Can you feel it? It’s a little sad, but I’m also a little happy about it as well. I honestly can’t wait to watch something non-horror, haha! Next week famed Asian cinema website Wildgrounds is hosting a blog-a-thon of sorts for Japanese cinema and we here at Varied Celluloid plan to take part in the festivities. So keep an eye out for hopefully some Asian cinema content here on Varied Celluloid and on the VCinema Blog!

For now, check out this review for the classic piece of Brazilian horror At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul starring the immortal Coffin Joe!

The Plot: Ze do Caixao (Coffin Joe, director and star José Mojica Marins) is a mortician who desperately wants a child to continue on with his name. Unfortunately his wife is barren and unable to provide such a child. Coffin Joe, who has no real moral compass, decides he will do what it takes to have his child and continue his blood. Ze has an affection for the young Terezinha, but she is Coffin Joe’s best friend’s (Antonio) girlfriend. When he makes his move on Terezinha, she is obviously disgusted but reminds him that he has his own wife waiting at home for him. This angers Joe, but he decides she is right and heads out to cure himself of his marriage. After chaining up his wife and forcing a poisonous spider to bite her, Joe is free to pursue Terezinha but he now has to deal with Antonio as well. As Coffin Joe begins his onslaught of terrible acts, he is reminded by the local gypsy woman that even though he may get away with these atrocities for now – at some point the souls of those he has done harm will come back, and at midnight they will surely take his soul!

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