We’re back with some truly amazing cinema! You get a Vampire Girl and then you get a Frankenstein Girl, you put them together in a death match and you get Vampire Girl Vs. Frankenstein Girl! No shortage of kitsch in this one!

The Plot: Monami is a transfer student with eyes for a young man named Jugon. The only problem is that the popular (and slightly insane daddy’s girl) Keiko also wants a shot at the young man. This seems to be a very typical love triangle until Jugon finds out that Monami is actually a vampire! The young woman pleads her love to Jugon with a chocolate candy that he proceeds to eat, but unknown to him the candy is filled with her blood and this turns him to a half-vampire. She offers him the chance to become a creature of the night (err, and “day” too or so it seems) but Jugon isn’t so sure. He finds the idea of killing and drinking the blood of innocent people slightly immoral. Keiko sees this blossoming love affair going on however and she sets off to teach Monami a lesson! An argument ensues and Keiko accidentally falls of the high school roof, which leads her father (who is the assistant principal by day and mad scientist by night) to try and piece her back together using a sample of Monami’s blood that was found in the high school medical office. Now, with a Vampire Girl and Frankenstein Girl on the loose, what will happen to our leading man?

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