Just one more review after this one, can you folks believe it? Here we have another late piece of Lucio Fulci’s career and this one is unfortunately far more disappointing than Door Into Darkness

The Plot: A group of Italian teens traveling through the backwoods of France stumble upon an old abandoned villa where they decide to hold up for the night after becoming lost on the roads. Everything seems fine at first, as the group enjoys the food and wine that was left out for them. After the first night the group heads back out onto the roads but soon finds that they’re traveling in circles and end up right back at the villa. Thinking they’ll stay just one more night, they head inside but soon find that many of them are having visions. You see, this is no regular villa. This is a home of debauchery that was used by the SS during the World War II occupation by the nazi party, so that they could stage their wild orgy parties for top SS officials. Apparently our teens are actually seeing the ghosts of these dead nazis. What could they want and will they run off our teens… or even worse, kill them all?

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