We did it and it is done! I can hardly believe it myself. 31 reviews over the course of one month all based around horror cinema, this has been quite the achievement within Varied Celluloid’s history. I would like to thank my friends Prof. Aglaophotis and Neil Mitchell for contributing reviews and helping make this a success. This has been more fun than I actually anticipated it being! Now read on to learn the nightmare and horrors that The Gruesome Twosome plans to inflict upon any soul who dares watch it!

The Plot: Cathy Brown is your run of the mill every day college girl. She has her boyfriend, she has her friends and she likes to stay in touch with fashion! She and her friends all like to buy and wear wigs when they go out and recently the girls have heard about the very best little wig shop in town! The store is run by an elderly woman who lives with her stuffed pet jaguar and her son Rodney, but what no one else in town realizes is that the wigs are made from the real hair of several co-ed girls who have went missing recently! Cathy, who is inquisitive by nature, decides that she wants to track down the culprits responsible for the disappearance of these girls – much to the chagrin of her boyfriend. As Cathy draws closer to Rodney and his crazy mother, the stakes grow higher and it may very well be her life on the line!

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