We are back with more Halloween Horrors! I have a stockpile of content for you guys and this Halloween should be our biggest ever! Just keep checking back, as we’ll have more reviews and maybe some surprise additions along the way!

The Plot: Our film begins with a young junkie getting out of the hospital looking for some “horse” and he heads right back to his main supplier: Mike Logan (John Morghen). Unfortunately Mike has taken off with 100k of the mafia’s money and this leads to the poor man’s death. This death ultimately leads to a police investigation at home in New York while Mike is on his way through South America trying to gather cocaine and jewels. Mike’s big plans go south however when he and his crew are jumped by a cannibal tribe. At the time that this is happening we are introduced to Gloria, who has lead her two friends down into the amazon in order to complete her anthropology thesis. It is her belief that cannibal tribes are nothing more than a myth perpetuated by white colonialists looking to scare away the populace. So she and her friends have discovered a small village that is rumored to be part of a cannibal tribe and they plan to investigate and prove these allegations false. Once they are in the amazon and meet up with Mike and Joe they discover that not only is cannibalism real but one of the tribes is now on the hunt for them thanks to something that the insane Mike Logan helped instigate.

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