Halloween Horrors 2013

As has been customary here at Varied Celluloid, nearly since its inception, the month of October will be filled with horror movie reviews. Unfortunately, due to offline circumstances, this may be our most relaxed Halloween Horrors yet. Reviews are forthcoming, but this will not be a year that ends with 31 movie reviews. Still, that doesn’t mean we won’t have some fun!

The Trashy Trio While I am speaking directly to you, the reader, I would like to plug another venture that I (webmaster Josh!) am currently a part of. Earlier in September, I joined forces with two friends in order to start a new podcast called The Trashy Trio. This show will focus on trashy and sleazy movies that might not otherwise be talked about within respected company. These are movies that we feel deserve some kind of critical attention, even if we haven’t seen them, but are usually left alone due to their content. In our first episode we discussed the Jean Rolling title Schoolgirl Hitchhikers and in our second outing we talked about the Ruggero Deodatto classic, The House on the Edge of the Park.

So, if you’re interested in hearing my Southern accent, or you are looking for a podcast that covers trashy movies, give us a listen on Stitcher, iTunes, or the previously linked libsyn blog!