Halloween Horrors 2008. It was a very interesting October, with some new releases that were demanding to be looked at. Still, despite all of the “new” films of the time, there was still plenty of classic exploitation to dig into as well.

Halloween Horrors # 01: House by the Cemetery
Things kicked off in high gear by covering this well known Lucio Fulci joint.

Halloween Horrors # 02: House of 1,000 Corpses
Rob Zombie was topical in 2008 and the release of his first film was pretty huge within the horror community at the time.

Halloween Horrors # 03: Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS
A re-work of the original Varied Celluloid review for the classic Don Edmonds helmed Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS.

Halloween Horrors # 04: Island of Death
Island of Death should be talked about way more than it actually is. A sleaze-fest through and through, this flick has something to offend just about everyone.

Halloween Horrors # 05: Hell of the Living Dead
Bruno Mattei has directed some schlock within his time, but few films have managed to touch the absolute beauty that can be found in Hell of the Living Dead.

Halloween Horrors # 06: House of Clocks
More Lucio Fulci popped up during the 2008 event, House of Clocks being from his late era and not indicative of his best work. Still, worth a look for his biggest fans.

Halloween Horrors # 07: House on the Edge of the Park
Deodato may be best known for Cannibal Holocaust, but House of the Edge of the Park could be argued to be his best work.

Halloween Horrors # 08: Ilsa, The Wicked Warden
More Ilsa! This time, things get even weirder for the Ilsa series, and probably not in a good way.

Halloween Horrors # 09: Opera
First some Fulci, now some Argento. Opera regularly pops up at the very top of most fan’s list of the director’s best films, and this is for good reason.

Halloween Horrors # 10: The Midnight Meat Train
Ryuhei Kitamura was trying to break into the English speaking market during 2008, and The Midnight Meat Train honestly was not a bad attempt. It gets a bad rap from some, but it’s honestly a decent little flick.

Halloween Horrors # 11: Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer
Heavily forgotten straight-to-video horror-comedy, Jack Brooks was so good that it’s a shame fans have left it in the past.

Halloween Horrors # 12: Philosophy of a Knife
Philosophy of a Knife is unbearably hard to sit through, and not for the reasons you would expect from a shocking film such as this one.

Halloween Horrors # 13: Return to Sleepaway Camp
The resurgence of the Sleepaway Camp series was VERY brief and most likely due to the quality of this rather generic sequel.

Halloween Horrors # 14: The Girls Rebel Force of Competitive Swimmers
What is there that really needs to be said about a movie titled The Girls Rebel Force of Competitive Swimmers? Japanese shock movies were just starting to get their foothold in the market in 2008, and this V-Cinema title was actually making some waves during this period.