Back again everybody! Hanzo the Razor makes his first invasion here on Varied Celluloid, and it’s a raping good time! Make sure to check out the review, because there are few films like Sword of Justice – you can believe that!

The Plot: Hanzo the Razor: Sword of Justice is essentially a warm-up title, full of introductions and kind of a summary of the character that is Hanzo “The Razor” Itami (Shintaro Katsu). A policeman in feudal Japan, Hanzo is an officer with several distinguishing features. For one, he’s covered from neck to foot in scars that are self inflicted in attempts at practicing his torture techniques. The way Hanzo feels, if he can find the end levels of human endurance; he can push all men to their breaking point when interrogating them. Another thing to note about Hanzo is that he is earnest in his convictions, he can not be bought or bartered with when it comes to enforcing the law. A stickler for the rule book, the only thing that enrages him more than crime is the corrupt officers and officials who accept bribes in reward for allowing fugitives to run free. The other thing you might want to make a mental note on is his gigantic penis. Yes, that’s right, he sports a massive rod that he uses when interrogating women. No, I am not making this up. Hanzo, while being forced to pick up vagrants, stumbles upon a troublemaker who informs him that Kanbei the killer is no longer on the prison island that he was exiled to. In fact, he may have never even been incarcerated in the first place! With his two assistants, two former criminals (Devil-Fire and Viper) who have cleaned up their act and have committed themselves to Hanzo, the hunt is on for Kanbei the Killer and what they soon find out is that the reason this killer is now walking the street; may in fact be due to police corruption. As the heat is put on Hanzo, he is forced to solve this mystery and dispatch of Kanbei once and for all!