Well hey everybody, I took my 4th of July and finished up a lot of work I had for the site here… well, I also slept in and wasted a lot of time on forums as well but ahh how nice it is to have a day off! So much fun! Anyhow, a lot of new stuff in case you haven’t noticed! I’ve been slowly upgrading the look of the site this past week and just changed out the sidebar for the fourth time.

I am much happier with the way the site is looking now, but I still would prefer something a little more fluid. However, the blogging system I use doesn’t afford me much opportunity. Also, the next big update you may notice is that Multimedia button on the left. Well I finally decided to add something new in terms of original content here on the site. I won’t promise every review I have will come with a gallery of .jpgs, but I am going to do my best. Hopefully this will bring in more readers, and spur some interest. When I first came up with the idea for the site back in 2001 I originally wanted to have a gallery for every review, but decided I didn’t have enough bandwidth or storage but now I don’t see that as big of a problem so I’ll give it a shot!

New Reviews

Dirty Harry – My review for this classic bit of Clint Eastwood excellence. A flick I find to be a bit misunderstood and in this review do my best to try and clear up what I believe are some unheralded traits. WITH GALLERY!

The Machine Girl – I of course have to throw my hat in on this one. Seems like this flick is picking up some serious steam amongst all the press and with viewers as well, so I figured I would give it a chance. Wouldn’t you know it too? Another positive review! Can’t help it, The Machine Girl is just too much fun to ignore! WITH GALLERY!!


Just in case some don’t recall why these are “older reviews”, when Varied Celluloid was up before the great shutdown of last year it was a completely different format so I have to go back and update all of my older reviews (and contributed reviews) and paste them into this new format.

Black Caesar – My review for one of the best Blaxploitation flicks out there without a doubt.

Antropohagus – My overtly harsh review of this sleaze classic. At the time I gues I had a pretty hard view of the film but truthfully I’ve warned up to it some.

Armour of God – Jackie Chan + jumping on a flying balloon = MUCH WIN!

Assault on Precint 13 – By Rat Faced Killa – Contributed review from RFK, a great guy with a lot of love for obscure cinema.

Attack The Gasstation – I wrote this when this film was NEW! Unbelievable, and not my best writing but what can you say.

Audition – This was actually one of the first reviews written for the site, but later I went back and re-wrote it so it’s not as terrible as it once was. Amazing film however!

Azumi – by TheSwampFox – Contributed review from TheSwampFox who is a really good guy and really did Azumi justice, great film.

The Bad Bunch – Another harsh review from my early days. I wrote a little followup piece within the review, clearing things up because I no longer feel quite the same for the film. Do read!

Bandidos – My review from my “Taste of Sghetti”, Spaghetti Western marathon. One of the best to come from that series of films reviewed, do read up, more people need to see this flick!

Basket Case – A classic bit of horror cinema, and one of my personal favorites. Another one that was originally written when the site first went live.

Hopefully you guys like it! Now, I’m going to go sleep after a very fun 4th!

– Josh