May 28, 2009

Hard Revenge Milly

Hey guys, quick little series of questions for you. Nothing too hard, just some basic stuff I want to throw at you. First, do you like action? Do you like this new breed of gore flick from Japan, often featuring the FX work of Yoshihiro Nishimura (The Machine Girl, Tokyo Gore Police)? How about nunchucks and swordfights? If you answered with a resounding yes, then the two of us have a lot in common – and you’ll probably find the following trailer for Hard Revenge, Milly: Bloody Battle pretty interesting!

Recently picked up along with the first film in this series to play at the New York Asian Film Fest, which if you don’t know is going ballistic with awesome stuff this year. Oh how I wish I lived closer! Anyhow, the basic plot for the sequel seems to pick up where the previous film left off with Milly having revenged the death of her husband and child, only now she must fight off the evil followers of the dastardly gent who had them killed. Probably not going to be a ton of plot to this one, and the English translation on the main site which you can see here, isn’t all that clear especially for those of us who haven’t seen the original. Who cares though, we’ll check both of ’em out if Nishimura is involved! Now check out that trailer!