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High Kick Girl! Review

Posted by On June - 22 - 2010
Back once again with a review! Sorry, I meant to get something up on the site last week but I simply didn’t have a great deal of time on my hands! Regardless, here we are and I am covering the Karate kickin’, skirt wearin’ piece of celluloid known as High Kick Girl! Like it or lump it, it’s definitely a cult item that is for sure!

The Plot: Kei Tsuchiya is a brown belt in Karate (played by Rina Takeda, a legitimate karate black belt) but that is only because of how incredibly harsh her master is when it comes handing out belts. Tsuchiya’s skills are truly at the black belt level and to prove this she goes from one karate school to the next in order to challenge their masters. When she wins, she collects their black belts. After collecting nearly all the belts that she can, Tsuchiya begins to search out more exciting endeavors. Her master, Sensei Matsumura, is a master of the art who looks to teach young Tsuchiya that fighting is not the necessary thing to do and that real karate is learned through the repetition of forms and finding inner solitude. The young girl however is still spoiled by her own power and looks to join up, or challenge, a group of young martial artists named The Destroyers. However, as she soon discovers, this group isn’t the type of people she would hope to associate with and they actually have some history with her master Matsumura.





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