Got a new one for the archives. It’s really about time I got around to finally checking out Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers. I’ve been hearing from my b-movie friends about this one for years but just kept putting it off. Does it disappoint? Not really, only if you were expecting Orson Welles. However, I must admit I was expecting something a little crazier. However, as it is, it’s a fairly entertaining little flick. Something most horror fans need to check out simply to say they did.

The Plot: Jack Chandler is a private detective who always has the last word. When he takes on a simple missing persons case to find a teenage girl who’s step-daddy may have touched her a little too much, he stumbles upon a world he never expected to find. In California there have been a series of grizzly chainsaw related murders. No one can quite piece the crimes together, but this detective may just discover Hollywood’s most devastating secret. When carousing the local bars, he stumbles upon the girl he has been looking for! She’s stripping (and hooking) at a rundown joint, while her hooker brethren are making the rounds about the bar picking up Johns. While enjoying the show Jack begins a conversation with one such girl, but before he knows it he’s out like a light. He had been poisoned and awakens in a room with two beautiful women standing over him. Turns out they’re part of a cult that worships the Chainsaw. Their religion is ancient, reaching far back despite the chainsaw being a modern machine and now it’s up to Jack to find out how to stop them!