We’re back with a little something different for you guys. Here’s a review for the recent documentary Honest Man: The Life of R. Budd Dwyer, which should be interesting to anyone who has ever seen the horrible viral video of Budd Dwyer’s suicide death. Read on and discover just how tragic this situation truly was.

The Plot: R. Budd Dwyer was a local Pennsylvania man who started from humble beginnings and found a love for the political system at a young age. After working as a school teacher, he began his political career and ultimately crawled all the way up to the State Treasurer’s position. Along the way he made some powerful enemies within the governor’s mansion and Honest Man pinpoints that it was these enemies who pushed forth and convicted him on a bribery case that would ultimately lead him to a very harsh sentence. With his pension at stake, which would leave his wife and children with literally nothing… he decided to act as a martyr and commit suicide in front of a press conference where he was expected to announce his resignation. The video from the press conference has went somewhat viral on the internet and was passed around in “mondo” videos during the eighties and nineties, but the real story of R. Budd Dwyer has remained obscure… until now.