Varied Celluloid is no stranger to independent cinema. Either local or international, I would like to consider this a website friendly to all. So, after being contacted about this project, I felt the need to pass it along. Remember O Goddess is a joint South Korean/American production by young filmmaker Yoon Jung Lee. She is local to Philadelphia, but often works in the Seoul film world. She even worked as the script supervisor for Kim Ji-woon’s brilliant The Good, the Bad, and the Weird. This is her first feature film, however, and she is searching for funding at the moment. In another era, this would prove to be a very painful experience for any young filmmaker. However, thankfully, times are changing. Now, through crowd sourcing, filmmakers are able to take their product directly to the masses. These filmmakers have posted the first 25 minutes of their film, so that you the audience can watch for yourself before donating to the kickstarter account.

I could write an essay about how beautiful I think crowd sourcing can be, but I’ll simply leave it at that. If you have a few spare bones to toss out, why not take a look? You could maybe even end up with a thank you credit! Take a look at the following video for a better synopsis of both the movie, Remember O Goddess, as well as the situation that the filmmakers are in. And don’t forget: Head on over to the kickstarter page and check it out for yourself!