So howdy all, got some more of the written word for you all to ponder through. A couple of new ones, a few old ones, you know how we do it around here! So, hopefully everyone is having a good week and hope you dig the updates!


Chocolate – The new visionary bit of martial arts cinema from the director of Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior. Although not featuring Tony Jaa – prepare to have your mind blown much like the first time you saw that flick, because if you ask me this one lives up to expectations far more than I could have even hoped. Who doesn’t like chicks who kick butt though?

The Pit – A classic from my childhood that I had been meaning to get around to reviewing for a very long time. It sure isn’t as totally rad as my childhood-self seemed to recall; but I can see portions of what could have been a better film at times. It isn’t going to blow your mind, but it’s a pretty solid horror flick.


Full Contact – One of the best and often times underrated HK films of all time. Ringo Lam puts forth his grittiest effort and crafts an epic crime tale starring the amazing Chow Yun Fat. It’s so dirty at times you’ll have to take a bath before continuing any further, but all the sludge and grime turns out worth it as there are few that can compete with its awesomeness.

Full Metal Yakuza – Only Takashi Miike could deliver a film about a Yakuza brought back to life in pure Robocop fashion and make it as serious as this with as much perversion and insanity. Insane and fun, Full Metal Yakuza is one of Miike’s best V-Cinema efforts from the earlier days. Check it out for sure!

The Pit (By Prof. Aglaophotis) – I figure since I’m uploading my own take of the film I might as well put up this review from Aglaophotis for the same film. I also added the same image gallery on his page. Our opinions on the film are pretty similar, only he doesn’t have the tie of it being a youthful favorite which may have made him a little less leniant on it – I think the two reviews compliment one another and afterwards you should be all “Pitted” out.

Fulltime Killer – An early review of mine for the Johnny To classic, back when I knew very little of the filmmaker and had not really heard of him. Always kind of embarrassing to post reviews like this, but look at it this way I’m learning new things as much as anyone else who might be reading this is. Nobody starts with all the knowledge of the world.

So that should do it everybody, another day another update. Hopefully I’m not alone in my love for Chocolate. Some folks haven’t been digging on it quite as much as I do I’ve noticed; but that flick is just too much fun. Can’t help but ranting and raving about it, just want to share the entertainment! Later everybody!

— Josh