Hypertrophy Genitals GirlNoboru Iguchi, best known for his directorial effort The Machine Girl which has taken on a life of its own in the cult cinema market. Extreme gore, tons of mayhem and creations that defy human thinking have made he and Nishimura names to keep an eye out for. Well, Iguchi’s latest Adult offering is just too bizarre not to warrant a post. I mean honestly, take a look at this, did you think I would NOT post about this? AV or not, it’s just too strange to pass up. From what I gather, the plot focuses on a young girl who for some reason or another starts growing a massive male genitalia. Who hasn’t been through that though, right? Anywho, problems arise that ultimately come about from having a four foot long penis the width of a basketball, especially problematic for a hot chick one has to imagine. You can check out more images and such from the Production’s mainpage – but be warned, this is all very much Not Safe For Work material. Giant fake rubber dongs and naked chicks galore! You can also order the film from Amazon JP. Thanks also to Nippon Cinema for the heads up!