Hey everybody! We have more to come in the world of car racing and rednecks, I promise! For a quick change of pace though, I decided to tackle some recent Hong Kong martial arts cinema! Sound like a good idea? You bet ya! Unfortunately, The Legend is Born: Ip Man is a title that certainly has its ups and downs, as you will see in our review today!

The Plot: This is a semi-biographical account detailing the early life of Ip Man, the famed martial artist known for being the instructor of Bruce Lee. This version of his story takes place in his earliest years and starts off with he and his brother Ip Tin-chi (played by Fan Siu-Wong) being sent off to train under Chan Wah-shun (played by Sammo Hung). Learning the martial arts of Wing Chun, the brothers both become exceptionally skilled. In this time, Tin-chi falls in love with Lee Mei-wai who is unfortunately in love with Ip Man. Ip Man however doesn’t return her affection and instead falls for Cheung Wing-shing (Huang Yi), the daughter of a local official (Lam Suet) who doesn’t approve of the young martial artist. As Ip Man grows, he ultimately heads off to college where he meets up with Leung Bik, who is the nephew of the man who taught Ip Man’s very own master. Leung Bik ultimately teaches Ip Man a more fluid version of Wing Chun that becomes the envy of his school upon his return. Will Ip Man find love with Cheung Wing-shing, will Tin-chi get over the jealousy he feels for his brother and what will happen to Ip Man’s home with the threat of an incoming Japanese invasion!