I know, I know. A little late with any updates around here. I’ve been doing my best to work out a new design for the site – but have been running into a ton of bugs and troubles. About to scrap my previous idea and start fresh. While I was doing that I figured I’d get at least one review up here for Christmas day! Finished it last night pretty much, so it still counts as Christmas! Hope all enjoy! Have a happy new year everyone!

The Review: Although the Italian genre scene is one that is rife for parody, few filmmakers have taken up the torch to actually lampoon what was probably the silliest and most over-the-top cinematic movie business the world will likely ever see. Only in Italy during the seventies/eighties could films such as Cannibal Ferox, The New Gladiators and Emanuelle in America have been made – especially with the intention of actually making a profit. During the better part of the nineties, if you knew about films such as these or if you actually owned them and had more films from these subgenres – you could consider yourself pretty far “in the know”. With the boom of the internet however and a wealth of cinematic knowledge at the fingertips of any would-be-geek, we’ve seen a fairly dramatic rise in the popularity of these films with American audiences and horror fans the world over. A decade ago, the title “Cannibal Holocaust” was almost universally unknown – however thanks to dozens of little film geeks parading their knowledge in various other internet cultures – the majority of film fans out there have at least heard of this influential and disturbing horror great. Now it seems, thanks to the folks at Dire Wit Films, we actually have what has to be the first Italian cannibal parody. I never thought I would see the day.

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