Troll 2Alright, I realize this is probably old news to most – the film had it’s debut last month at the SXSW film festival so it’s already out there, but why not contribute a little more hype? The film is titled Best Worst Movie. For those of you familiar with Troll 2, you know very well it’s one of the worst flicks ever made. The name Michael Paul Stephenson may not ring any bells, but once you see his face you’ll remember that little kid from the movie who delivered the ultimate reveal: That NILBOG, the name of the fake town Troll 2 takes place in, is really GOBLIN backwards – DUNH DUNH DUNHHH!!! Well, Stephenson has apparently been running away from his role in the film for years now only to realize now that there’s no real shame in being in a bad movie, especially when yours is considered one of the WORST! So Stephenson took it upon himself to document the cult-like following the film has taken on in recent years, twenty years after its original shooting. Featuring interviews with the original cast and crew, it seems like a real blast and I can’t wait for its release.

I also found an interesting interview with the director/actor over at, definitely check that out. This is looking like something really special, especially for fans of this ever-so-awful movie.

Also check out the official site over at!