Jackie's 100th Film Press ConferenceWho doesn’t love Jackie Chan? Well, I know a few people who aren’t fans (my uncle in particular, who never really got the whole “comedic kung fu” thing) but generally hardcore martial arts film fans are going to go nuts over anything Chan has coming down the pipeline. The prolific man of action had a press conference this week where he announced his 100th film. The title is Chinese Zodiac and seems to harken back a lot to Chan’s “Operation Condor” series, where he played an adventurer who traveled the globe finding rare artifacts. Originally rumored to be a sequel in the great series (Armour of God is off the chain!), it appears this one will be a stand-alone affair. Chan will be co-directing alongside frequent collaborator Stanley Tong (Rumble in the Bronx, Supercop, Swordsman II) with cameras starting to roll sometime this Fall in France, Vienna, Hong Kong, Beijing and Kazakhstan. Should be a blast, and with the director of Supercop (best stunt oriented martial arts flick EVER MADE) I have pretty decent expectations for this one!

Thanks to Twitch for bringing it to my attention and Jackiechan.com for the graphic!