Unfortunately I’m about as late as they come with this, but for those of you who do not subscribe to any Asian film websites I thought I would post this announcement anyway. Online streaming distributor Japanflix.com have announced that they will soon begin streaming titles from the Pink Eiga library. This is certainly big news for the upstart company and should also prove to be a new market for Pink Eiga’s titles.

Japanflix has quickly made a name for itself within the Asian film community for releasing many interesting Japanese titles that have never seen any sort of North American distribution. Titles such as Teke Teke, Tomie vs. Tomie and the Watcher in the Attic remake have all caught the attention of Japanese genre film fans.

Pink Eiga has been around slightly longer than Japanflix and has had quite the impact on the Japanese film community for their release of modern Pinku titles such as The Japanese Wife Next Door as well as classics such as S&M Hunter. The pairing of these two companies is an exciting and new venture for J-film fans to keep an eye out for. Continue reading on after the break in order to read the full press release.


NEW YORK, NY – In July, Japan Flix will begin streaming Japanese erotic cinema from distributor Pink Eiga on the Japan Flix website (www.japanflix.com). Site Members residing in the United States or Canada can rent and stream the movies for 1 day or 5 days. Membership is free and it only takes a couple of minutes to join.

“Pink cinema is an important part of Japanese cinema. Many of the great Japanese directors got their start in pink cinema, most recently Yojiro Takita, director of the Academy Award winning Departures (2008).” says Teru Takayama, Japan Flix’s president.

Japan Flix is a digital distribution venture started earlier this year that makes Japanese films available for rent or purchase in the United States and Canada. Japan Flix will continue to have movies for sale and rental through other outlets but the new service will allow the company to partner with other distributors who are looking for a new outlet. Fans can stay up-to-date on Japan Flix news through their website, their newsletter (www.japanflix.com/subscribe), Facebook (www.facebook/japanflix) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/japanflix).