Hey everybody! Hope you all had a happy Halloween. I myself had a fairly routine one, but overall a night of playing Fight Night Round 3 on xbox (ain’t got the money for one of them thar newfangled 360 mashines) can never be too bad. So, I’ve been cranking out some new material this month, unfortunately not enough time to add any of the old stuff to this update – but it’s coming, don’t worry. All the pesky formatting is just a pain.
So, new stuff for this update…


Running Out of Time – Another classic Johnny To action/crime film, perfect pairing for the previously reviewed The Mission and just overall great stuff.

SPL: Sha Po Lang – MMA + Kung Fu Filmmaking + Donny Yen + Sammo Hung = one of the best martial arts films I have seen in years.

Flash Point – A kind of sequel/prequel to SPL, equally as amazing in its own way. I am loving this stuff, could watch Yen choreograph fight sequences like this for the rest of my days and die a happy man.


Wednesday – Not technically an article, but currently it’s the best way I can think to seperate it from my other reviews. This is an indie film sent to me for Rogue Cinema and it was actually quite touching. Very beautiful filmmaking.

Top 20 Gore Films of All Time – Now this one nearly killed me. 4000 words and I barely said a thing. Please check it out, hopefully you guys like it. Written for Rogue Cinema and really it’s probably my favorite bit of writing I’ve done in a while, doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard – and lord knows by tomorrow chances are my opinion on this list will be COMPLETELY different.

Anyway, Happy Halloween and hope everyone is safe! Hope you enjoy the content and I hope I win a million dollars!