I meant to have this review up earlier, but things have been crazy here lately. Anyway, this is a review I’m fairly excited about since it covers my new infatuation with both Moon Lee and Yukari Oshima, two of the baddest girls who have ever come out of the Hong Kong film industry! Read on and have fun, because Kickboxer’s Tears guarantees a good time!

The Plot: Michael Li (Ken Lo) is a kickboxer whose sister is fresh back in town. His sister, Feng Li (Moon Lee) who has never approved of his fighting ways, makes it just in time to catch one of his matches for a seedy promoter who wants him to throw his fight. This evil promoter tells Michael in no short order that if he doesn’t throw his fight, he’s going to pay big time. During the fight, all seems well until Michael’s opponent (Billy Chow) rubs down his glove with chili powder and begins to batter Michael with it. During the fight Michael is blinded and then beaten to death right in front of his sister. After the funeral Feng sticks around in order to help out her brother’s gym, but the seedy promoter hasn’t finished with the Li family. Unknown to him though, Feng Li isn’t one to be trifled with!