Hey everybody, we’re back! After all of that writing during October, it is understandable that things have been a bit more relaxed this month but we haven’t given up on our writing responsibilities! In fact, after this review I have another Nazisploitation review from our good friend Prof. Aglaophotis to fall back on but I still need to edit the graphics for that one. Until then however, we have some classic Italian horror from the master Mario Bava! Enjoy this review for the classic Kill, Baby, Kill!

The Plot: Our film begins with a young woman being shoved out of a window by a child-like figure. When she falls to her death, landing on a spiked fence, inspector Krueger begins searching out the explanation behind this woman’s strange fall. The locals all seem to know what happened and they tie this death with a whole string of deaths that were supposedly caused by a curse that rests on this small town. Inspector Krueger sends for Dr. Paul Eswai, who enters into the picture looking to perform an autopsy on the recently deceased woman. The doctor and inspector begin to delve into the case, and they soon discover that everyone is involved in hiding this conspiratorial secret. While performing the autopsy, Dr. Eswai finds an anomaly within the heart of the dead woman. Inside of it there is a coin, but who put it there and is it tied to these superstitions.