Day six! Who knew we could still keep going at this point? Today I offer up a review for the sequel My Wife Is A Gangster 2, the sequel to the impressive and fun My Wife Is A Gangster. Although it has issues, it may very well be worth a look. Read on and discover why!

The Plot: Our film mildly begins where My Wife Is A Gangster originally did, with Eun-jin continuing her role within the gang. Our film begins with her leading her scissor-gang in an epic battle along the top of a roof, where she inevitably gets knocked off and seemingly falls to her doom. When she thankfully lands on a trampoline and then a chicken coop – it seems her life has been saved. When she falls off the chicken truck, she is then picked up by a restaurant owner who takes her in and begins to look after her. Unfortunately she is unable to remember anything about her life, and so time passes and she takes on her new life as a food delivery woman. After a few years with this new “family” at the restaurant, she starts to find her muscles have not forgotten their physicality and before long she is using her fighting ability for a good use by taking on bank robbers and other crooks. When her exploits grab her some attention in the local media, this also brings upon the watchful eye of her enemies who immediately recognize her. Will Eun-jin remember her identity before it is too late?