The Korean cinema blogathon has finally began! Everyone, grab your party favors and help us celebrate the cinema of Korea for the remainder of this week! If you’re not aware, these “blogathon” happenings have been instigated by the good folks over at New Korean Cinema and I hope to contribute all week if possible! Unfortunately our week doesn’t begin super strong, thanks in part to the hackneyed comedy Steal It If You Can, but do read on so you aren’t burdened with watching the film for yourself!

The Plot: Sang-Tae is a lowly government employee who married into a rich family. Although everything seems to be going great for him, appearances are most assuredly deceiving. Despite his huge television, his beautiful home, his wonderful children and his gorgeous wife, upon examination all things show cracks underneath the surface. His wife’s hobby is cooking, but since she was born without the ability to taste she consistently makes awful meals that he is forced to endure. His children are more concerned with their own affairs and Sang-Tae feels antiquated in their modern home. Things are about to get interesting however, as Gang-jo has decided that Sang-Tae will be his next home to burglarize! You see, Gang-jo is a famous software developer who has a string of successful video games under his belt. He has a litany of special interests and hobbies, but his biggest secret is his love affair with burglary. He routinely breaks into homes and businesses in order to get the rush that he so desires. When he burglarizes Sang-Tae’s home, he soon discovers Sang-Tae’s wife’s cooking… and he absolutely loves it! With Sang-Tae looking like even less of a man in front of his wife and children, he is forced to find a way to put a stop to this burglar and finally prove himself in front of his family!