We have our second entry into this Holiday celebration, and it is a rather large film to pull out so early in the month! However, I have been meaning to see the continuation of this movie series for over ten years. That’s right, today we take a look at the fourth film in the Once Upon a Time in China series. Yep, the first film where Vincent Zhao replaces Jet Li! So, click on the cover art and get to reading!

The Plot: The film seems to take place shortly after the events of Once Upon a Time in China III, with Wong Fei-hung (this time played by Vincent Zhao) and his surrogate family all in a state of peace. This peace will not last for long, however, as the evil foreign invaders are once again trying to take advantage of the Chinese citizenry. The German government has taken a particular interest in China, and they are leading the Eight-Nation Alliance in order to quell the Boxer’s Rebellion in early 20th century China. Wong Fei-hung is approached by a Chinese general in order to represent their nation in a lion dance competition that is being held by the Eight-Nation Alliance. Wong does not look to interfere, however, and instead takes a neutral role. Although he wants to keep the peace, he is soon thrust right in the midst of the battle due to a misunderstanding that occurs when he attempts to rescue a group of Westerners from the radical feminist martial arts organization known as The Red Lantern Society. When Wong Fei-hung discovers how the Chinese people are being treated by this alliance, he realizes that it is up to him to defend the people of China once again!