Back up in your rear with the resurrection, Kung Fu Christmas just rolls right along! Today we look at a early independent classic from Hong Kong! The Prodigal Boxer may not be the most “wild” Fong Sai-yuk story ever told, but it is certainly very unique. Read on, by clicking the cover art below, and read why!

The Plot: The Prodigal Boxer opens with our leading man, Fong Sai-yuk (played by Men Fei), playing a betting game between his friends and a few rough customers. He bets that his insect can beat theirs in a battle to the death, and before you know it Fong Sai-yuk’s insect is the only one left standing. This of course leads to a fight between the two groups, but unfortunately this small fight leaves a man dead. Fong doesn’t realize the severity of this man’s injuries, and leaves before anyone actually realizes that the man was killed during the brawl. This dead man seems to have belonged to a local martial arts school, which is in turn run by two deadly brothers. These two specialize in one technique each. One brother handles teaching the students punching techniques, and the other specializes in kicking. Together, they seem almost invincible, and this proves to be bad news for our protagonist. When the two brothers find out that Fong has killed one of their best students, they begin a search for the rebellious young teen. This leads them to Fong Sai-yuk’s home, where they run into his family. A huge battle ensues and Fong’s father is killed during the attack, and his mother is left beaten. When Fong Sai-yuk returns home, he discovers the consequences of his actions and looks to get revenge. His mother, however, refuses to tell him who committed this horrible crime, because she realizes that Fong is not capable of beating these two men. Not yet, at least. She intends to travel with him to the country side, and together they will train until he has the strength to beat these two monsters.