It’ll be a very Joseph Kuo Christmas by the end of this December, it seems! We cover our second Joseph Kuo directed title today. Right after featuring The Mystery of Chess Boxing, we now bring you The World of Drunken Master! A slight ripoff of Simon Yuen’s most popular character, this feature at least carries the same cast as The Mystery of Chess Boxing. So, it has that going for it! Read on to find out whether its at least a entertaining ripoff! Click on the cover art to read the full review.

The Plot: Beggar Su is back yet again! We meet Beggar Su at two intervals in his life. The first time we meet him is when we are also introduced to Fan Ta-Pei (Jack Long), his best friend from youth. These two meet due to Fan Ta-Pei being hunted by rival kung fu experts. Though you might think that there are more pressing issues at play, these two instead embrace and reminisce about old time. From here on out, the remainder of the film is told in flasback as we see how Fan Ta-Pei and Beggar Su first met. As it turns out, each man was a hustler of sorts. After stealing barrels worth of fruit that were not their own, the two men initially fight over who should be allowed to sell their stolen fruit in the local market, but they soon learn that they are too alike to share any disdain. Eventually the two are picked up by an elderly beggar who instills some maturity in the men by teaching them kung fu. Seeing their honest hearts, this beggar decided that these two buffoons could do more good than bad with their martial knowledge. Thus begins their training, but even with such an intense friendship, even a woman may drive them apart.