It isn’t Christmas yet, so we still have plenty of kung fu to throw your way! Today we look at a early Chen Kuan Tai starring vehicle called The Bloody Fists! This one may be a surprise success, so definitely read on to figure it all out! Remember, click on the poster art!

The Plot: The Japanese want a special flower called dragon herb, and they will stop at nothing to obtain this mystical herb. The dragon herb is the only ingredient capable of curing a deadly plague that is sweeping the countryside, and the Japanese are looking to procure all of it. With this herb, they will be able to hold it as a valuable bargaining chip in order to get their men out of custody from the local Chinese government. Local lackey Chen Zahn has been in seclusion recently, and when he returns he brings with him a entire school of Japanese fighters. Now it seems that these Japanese fighters, who have combined Karate and Judo, will now look to take this special herb and install several gyms in the area in order to prove the inferiority of Chinese kung fu. When they hold a small tournament, they run into a local fighter who manages to make the group look quite poor. Things get progressively worse for the Japanese fighters when they run across a fugitive loner (Chen Sing), who quickly dispatches a few of their fighters. However, the Japanese are still quite powerful, and craftier when it comes to leveraging the odds to their advantage. Will the Chinese figure a way to fight back against this group of murderous foreign fighters? Or will the Japanese take all of the dragon herb and dominate China?