We finally finish off that Warner Bros. action pack! The final film of the series does prove to be the weakest, but read on in the review to discover why! I mean, it isn’t THAT bad, folks! Click on the cover art for the full review.

The Plot: Chu Sau-Yin (Angela Mao) is a trained martial artist who is asked by her master to complete a seemingly simple task: find his friend. Knowing the city in which her master’s friend formerly resided, she heads off in order to ask around about the man. When she finally makes it to the post where he was supposedly last employed, no one seems to know a thing. She is told that he now lives out in the mountains by himself. Taking this knowledge with her, she heads off into the mountains and begins to ask around about him. When he doesn’t turn up there either, she is once again pointed to the same post that he was supposed to be employed. Things are starting to look fishy at this point. So, once she heads back into town she receives a new story altogether. This time she is told that he has been missing for several months, and that his former coworkers and employers have been searching for him as well. A mystery has arisen, and it won’t be long before Chu Sau-Yin has to unsheathe her sword and show these people just who they are messing with.