Kung Fu Christmas continues to roll right along, folks! Today we check in with the immortal Jimmy Wang Yu! The Screaming Tiger is a movie that you will either love or hate, there seem to be few emotions in between. Click on the poster art and read the following review to discover how I feel about it!

The Plot: Jimmy Wang Yu plays a wandering martial artist who found his beach-side village completely decimated by the Japanese, and demands vengeance on every single Japanese man who crosses his path. After leaving China for the Japanese shore, he wanders into a local village where a group of bandits cross his path attempting to pickpocket him. Wang Yu manages to catch them in the act, and quickly gives them a beating. When he notices a man following him, who wears the dress of a Komuso monk, he wanders outside of town to see just what this person has in mind. As it turns out, the man is really Chinese and he tries to persuade Wang Yu from holding bitterness in his heart. Wang Yu doesn’t take the advice all too serious, and instead heads back into town where he is then pickpocketed by a young woman. He attempts to follow her, but this only leads him to trouble. He and this young woman become romantically involved, and as Wang Yu discovers more about her, he finds that searching out her boss may very well lead him to the man who destroyed his home.