Wow! Here we are again! Varied Celluloid brings you the fisticuffs action as only the heroes of HO-HO-Hong Kong could! Expect many reviews to come during this month, with a focus being on quality this time around! If you recall, last year it was the month of Brucesploitation. Although I do plan on diving into some cheap nastiness this go-around, I am hoping to explore the works of some of the better known filmmakers from the Shaw era. So, without further blathering, here is our review for Heroes of the East!

The Plot: Ah To (Gordon Liu) is the son of an important businessman who is being forced into a marriage with a Japanese girl. He at first hates this fact but soon finds love with young Kuda. After the dust settles and the honeymoon is over though, it turns out that his new Japanese wife is addicted to martial arts and has to practice her Karate and Judo at all times. She is soon breaking through brick walls in the courtyard and smashing everything in her way, and rumor gets out that Gordon Liu is being beaten by his own wife! The two get involved ina series of contests between martial arts and Gordon continually schools the young Japanese Karate master with Chinese kung fu. When she has had enough of his dismissal of Japanese karate, she heads back to Japan. Ah To, seeing no way of getting her back, is convinced by one of his friends to send a scathing letter to her dismissing Japanese martial arts. When she receives the letter however, her master and sifu takes challenge with this and an epic showdown between Chinese Kung Fu and Japanese karate is on the way!

Hah! An old graphic I found from several years back! Fun!