The Liu Chia-Liang classics just keep rolling out here on Varied Celluloid! Prepare yourself for some epic martial arts mayhem with his classic Legendary Weapons of China!

The Plot: In China there is a special form of martial arts simply referred to as pugilism, an art that focuses on strengthening the skin to become invulnerable to any weapon or attack: including firearms. Looking to fight the foreign invaders who are moving into China and have brought their firearms, one particular school of pugilism has tried incredibly hard to overcome the firearm but with little success. However, they do know of one man who is known to be able to block any and all attacks and he is Lei Kung (Liu Chia-Liang). Their group then sends out Ti Tan (Gordon Liu) to find the man, but unknown to him there are several others currently searching out Lei Kung. Who will find this hidden martial artist first, and who will he inevitably align himself with?