Hey everybody, we have a very special little title here for you today. It’s directed by a little director, maybe you’ve heard of him, his name is John “MOTHER FRIGGIN” Woo! Before he had Chow and before the gun battles, he had Wei Pai and sword battles! Read on about a fantastic piece of martial arts cinema named Last Hurrah For Chivalry!

The Plot: Our film begins with the wedding of Kao, a rich and well respected martial artist who has recently found his wife within the local brothels. She was the most attractive girl in all of the stable, or so he claims, and Kao almost immediately decided to take her for his wife. When Pai, the evil ruling martial artist and most hated villain of Kao’s clan, shows up to ruin this wedding party, Kao learns just why it isn’t smart to marry a prostitute. The girl attempts to kill him at Pai’s request and the clan is left in disarray as many are carried off in body bags. Kao begins to heal but is told by his master that there is no way he could ever take on Pai in a one on one battle. With this in mind, Kao sets off to find a martial artist who could possibly take on this tyrant. He ultimately meets “Magic Sword” Chang (Wei Pai), who has vowed to stop fighting and instead spends his time nursing his poor sick mother. Kao begins to show ulterior motives as he introduces himself to Chang but keeps his plot for revenge hidden from the master swordsman. Chang, who is a bit naive despite his macho behavior, takes Kao to be a trusting friend and begins to help this stranger after he shows courtesy in visiting Chang’s sick mother. Kao eventually sets Chang up by meeting with a local fighter, who Kao has paid to attack his own clan in an attempt to lure Chang out of retirement. His idea is that Chan will attempt to kill the man who hurt his friend’s clan, and Kao then points the finger at the evil Pai so that Chang will do his dirty work. Chang soon teams up with a local assassin named Green, who shares a kindred sentimental attitude, and the two will have to fight against this evil ruling clan but what will they do about Kao and his evil behavior?