“There’s no place to hide, once I step inside,
the room, Dr. Doom, prepare for the boom!”

No! It’s not THAT Wu Tang, we’re talking about the Chinese school of martial arts! The title for our film today is Wu Tang vs. Ninja, and as you’ll soon discover, the title doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. After all, this is actually a movie where the Wu Dang school teams up with a wandering band of Japanese ninjas. Then again, there isn’t a whole lot that seems to make sense about this movie. Click on the cover art and read on to discover why!

The Plot: Our film today, starts out with a bang! A Shaolin student is challenged by the Wu Tang member known as White Abbot, and the two do battle in order to settle the argument of which school is more proficient in the martial arts. When White Abbot loses the fight, he decides to head back home and try to conquer a form of magic that makes him invincible to nearly any weapon or attack. He actually manages to do this with relative ease, and with his new abilities gathered he soon sets out back in search of the previous Shaolin fighter. Along the way, he decides that it might pay to have a little more insurance during this next fight. He then makes a deal with a roaming band of Japanese ninjas, who he promises to look after and help them become established within China. With both a firm grasp on the magic of invincibility as well as his new clan of Ninjas, White Abbot seems unstoppable. Unfortunately, the Shaolin member White Abbot is searching for has went into training to become a monk and is currently being hidden by the temple. Abbot White then decides that he will do whatever is necessary in order to have his revenge.