How about some late-era Chang Cheh? Sounds good to me! Kung Fu Christmas just keeps on rolling along, and today we’re reviewing the 1989 Chang Cheh classic Slaughter in Xian! Prepare for some rapetastic action! As always, click on the cover art in order to read the entire review!

The Plot: Mr. Kuk is the evil triad leader who rules over Sian during the early twentieth century. Vice Captain Ho (Tung Chi Hwa), on the other hand, is one of the few honest citizens still left around who doesn’t work for Kuk. When family is murdered on the side of the road in Sian, Ho is quickly dispatched to the case. He discovers that a large number of machine guns have made their way into his small city, and it seems that this crime scene was connected to it. Looking for answers, Ho turns to his good friend Fu who works with a traveling opera who have just made it into town. Fu used to be a thief, and he may have a lead on what kind of person would commit such a heinous murder/robbery. Fu agrees to go undercover and start investigating Mr. Kuk, even though it may be dangerous. When Ho discovers that one of the victims is missing her bracelets, he traces one of them down to a pickpocket who ripped them off from one of Kuk’s men. This may be enough evidence to warrant his investigation, but he quickly finds out that certain members of the police force would rather have this entire investigation swept under the rug. Ho must now deal with those who want to see him dead, and the police force who may want the same thing.