No, it doesn’t feature Donnie Yen! Arguably however, its just as good! Chen Kuan Tai’s original animal style Kung Fu masterpiece is now featured right here in time for some Kung Fu Christmas! Are you ready for the excellence? I know I am! Bring on the Monkey Vs. Eagle action!

The Plot: Chen Kuan Tai plays the spoiled son of a well respected man of the community. The young man usually gets everything he wants and was blessed with the name of “Iron”, which is rather ironic since he is as soft as a pillow. When the Manchu come and capture his father, Iron is unable to help out in any way possible due to his lack of martial skill. He is ultimately forced to watch as his father is taken away and imprisoned. After this unfortunate event, Iron runs away into the forest and begins hiding in trees in order to keep away from all civilized beings. When he desperately needs food, he turns to breaking into a Shaolin temple in an attempt to gather food. When he is eventually busted, he decides to join Shaolin and learn Kung Fu. The students all seem to ostracize him, treating him poorly and looking to antagonize him. He is told that there is much anger in his heart by the head priest, so Iron swears not to fight anyone and throws himself headfirst into his training. Upon graduation, all Shaolin students are given the opportunity to choose a style to focus on. There is one style however that few ever grow to master and that is Shaolin Monkey Fist, which limits the student from learning any other styles due to its incredible difficulty. Iron begins his rigorous training though and failure is not an option! Will he learn this most difficult style and if so, will he go on towards his path of vengeance?