Ahh, a month long celebration of vengeance, fighting and animal style martial arts – is there anything more satisfying? Right on the heels of my The Iron Monkey review, I deliver a write-up for Liu Chia-Liang’s ever popular Mad Monkey Kung Fu! I hope you guys are enjoying the festivities, because I’m getting tired!

The Plot: Chen (Liu Chia-Liang) is a stage performer, specializing in monkey Kung Fu, who puts on shows along with his sister. Tuan (Lo Leah) is a rich man who takes a shining to Chen’s sister and desperately wants to bed her. When he invites the brother and sister duo to his home, he has a plan of trickery that will see him nab this woman up for his own. His plan involves getting Chen drunk to the point of passing out, and then placing him in a room with Tuan’s wife who pretends to have slept with the drunken man. Tuan then pretends to be enraged, threatening to have Chen killed for this crime, which prompts Chen’s sister to offer herself as a concubine/slave in retaliation for her brother’s transgression. Despite already winning the prize he so wanted, Chen’s sister, Tuan also adds to the stipulation a demand that Chen’s hands be crippled via a severed beating. After the crippling, Chen is forced into living as a street performer, taking up a life of poverty. While wandering the streets he meets a fellow urchin in the form of Monkey (Hou Hsiao) who looks and acts like a monkey. Monkey has a lot of promise, as he has all of the movements down, but he has much to learn. Chen soon takes him under his wing and begins teaching the young man what he knows about Kung Fu. Will Chen have his revenge through his new pupil?