Well, Christmas is only a couple of short days away! Can you believe it? Well, I fully expect to continua the Kung Fu Christmas celebration going until the very last day of December! This month has unfortunately seen the site slow down a bit, certainly more than I wanted or expected, but everything will turn out well I am sure. Today we have a review for the Chen Kuan Tai starring picture 3 Evil Masters, so give it a look and enjoy the Evil excellence!

The Plot: Jin Tien-yun (Chen Kuan Tai) is a top martial artist who has grown sick and tired of an evil group of tyrants known as The Three Evils. When Jin takes on this group, he is stabbed by the keeper of the inn that this fight is taking place at. Although he is injured, he manages to escape and finds his way to a local martial arts school where he runs into Gao Jian (Tak Yuen). Gao is bullied by all of his classmates and even his teacher, to enough degree. They frame him for things that he didn’t do and more often than not poor Gao is stuck with ridiculous punishments. When Jin shows up on Gao’s doorstep, he is unsure what to make of the situation. He takes in the poor man and allows him to get better, but he soon discovers how powerful Jin is within the martial world. Jin had previously fought Gao’s master and left him with broken ribs, and being that Gao’s teacher would rather punish the young man than actually teach him anything, he soon starts to learn more Kung Fu from Jin. As Gao becomes a powerful martial artist himself, the looming threat of the Three Evil Masters seems all the more present. Will they find Jin Tien-Yun and if they do what will become of young Goa Jian as he has been so helpful to Jin? These two will have to combine forces and help destroy the Evils before they manage to cause more harm!