If I can manage it folk, I’m going to pack your stockings full of all kinds of Kung Fu related goodies tonight! Be on the lookout for some Kung Fu posts throughout the night! Tis the season for sweaty men to fight one another and sport thick mustaches and bad wigs!

The Plot: Our story focuses on Wei Fung (David Chiang), a young man who is taken before the evil emperor due to his scholarly ways and skill in Kung Fu. The new government sees opportunity with this multi-talented young man, and they hope to use his abilities to crush the rebellion. After he demonstrates his skills for the emperor, he is given a dangerous and daring mission. He is told that the Tien clan is rumored to have been looking to usurp his tyrannical throne, so he tasks Wei Fung with a missions that involves going undercover and finding this clan’s ulterior motives. The emperor is cruel, but he isn’t unjust. He wants definitive proof of these transgressions and he establishes a very strict deadline. In three months, Wei Fung’s father will be stripped of his title. In six months his family will be imprisoned. After the one year mark, his entire family will all be decapitated. When Wei Fung stumbles upon this Tien clan, he immediately catches the eye of the young Tien Chichi (Huang Hsin-Hsiu) who hires on the young man as her teacher. What follows is a game of cat and mouse as the family soon discovers Wei Fung’s secret, but due to Chichi’s love for the man he is not killed but he will not be allowed to ever leave the compound. With possible death waiting at every corner, what will Wei Fung do?