Kung Fu Christmas keeps rolling along! Ten more days until Halloween, can you believe it? I know I can’t. 15 movie reviews in, and I’m not even sick of Kung Fu movies! Who could have thought? Anyway, today we feature The Hot, The Cool and The Vicious, a Kung Fu title from Lee Tso-nam. Similar to the previously reviewed The Secret Rivals, this is a title that takes the three-way-brawl to equally spectacular levels. Check out the review in order to see just what makes it so great! Click on the cover art in order to read the review.

The Plot: Pai Yu Ching (Don Wong) is a killer fresh in town, and he is immediately roped into a fight at the local teahouse. Captain Lu (Dorian Tan) sees the trouble that he brings with him, and at first hopes to see Pai leave town. However, Lu has misjudged Pai, and the real problem is with those from his quaint city. Man Shan, the rebellious son of the mayor, who actually made Lu the captain of the police force, begins to harass Lu’s very own wife. When he breaks into their home one day and threatens her, he shoves Lu’s mother-in-law down causing her to smash her head into a table and die. Lu demands that Man Shan turn himself into custody, but the mayor immediately begins to hide his son and sends off for any martial artist who may be able to assassinate Lu. He assigns Pai Yu Ching to protect his home, but Pai has no problems with Lu and refuses to go out in search of the lawman. He simply promises to protect the mayor’s home. This causes the mayor to bring in the deadly Mr. Lung (Tommy Lee), who is a golden-haired monster of a martial artist. As it eventually turns out, Pai Yu Ching has a secret reason for aligning himself so close to the mayor and he is soon seeking Capt. Lu’s help. Will these two team together in order to defeat the nefarious Mr. Lung?