We have our second review for tonight! This comes from our dear friend Prof. Aglaophotis who decided that it was too much of a temptation to lay off of the Kung Fu Christmas festivities! Can you blame the guy? Well Aggy decided to take on the famed Kung Fu: Punch of Death! Read on to find out what the good man thought!

The Plot: It’s ancient China. We start our story with home-trained martial artist and gambler Fong Sai-yuk, a young man living with his wealthy father and Kung Fu trainee mother. One day while gambling however, Fong gets in a fight with and consequently kills a favored local martial arts student named Mei. Mei’s teachers – Iron Fist Tan and his apparently nameless brother – hear of the tragic news of their favorite student’s passing and set out to get their revenge. By payback, the brothers beat Fong’s father to death. After coming back from another day of fighting to find his father dead and his home broken into, Fong vows to avenge his father’s death… even if it means training to be the best martial artist in the country.