Although it hardly seems possible, 16 days into Kung Fu Christmas and we are only just now visiting our first Shaw Bros. title! Master of Disaster may not be the most obvious choice out there, but it is a really fun piece of Fu Sheng history. Click on the cover art in order to read the review!

The Plot: Roaming con artist Chi Ta Po (Alexander Fu Sheng) joins forces with the black sheep of a rich socialite family, Chow Su (played by Chang Chan Peng), in order to find a hidden treasure. The gold in question is the long-lost booty of a pirate by the name of Chan Po-chu, and its whereabouts have been a mystery for years up until this point. When they track down their first clue, owned by a antiques dealer (played by the film’s director, Lau Kar Wing), they discover that a evil priest named Wu Sheng (Gordon Liu) appears to have the treasure for himself. Tied in with all of this mystery is the Lord Mo Chung (played by Wang Lung-wei), who is not nearly as nice as he appears on the outside. With a giant sum of gold at stake, this means that everyone will be after these two goofs. Including the police inspector, Lord Mo and a army of other bad guys! Will they survive and find the gold, or will these forces prove too much for our idiotic heroes?