Third review for the night! I hope that Varied Celluloid sees just as much action tomorrow as well, don’t worry folks! We have to make the most out of this Kung Fu Christmas! Anyway, Prof. Aglaophotis lends us this excellent review for the immortal Hammer Kung Fu film Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires which features the immortal Peter Cushing as well as David Chiang. Can you believe these two shared screen time together and the world didn’t explode? I can hardly believe it myself. A fantastic film and I highly recommend people check out Aggy’s review for the movie!

The Plot: Our little tale begins in 1904 Transylvania where a man named Kha plans on asking Count Dracula to grant him his powers. Kha is a Chinese warlord who is keeper of the Seven Golden Vampires and hopping zombies of Ping Kwei in the Szechwan province of China; once Kha obtains this power, the age-old Golden Vampires will wake up and continue their reign of havoc on small villages in China. However, Count Dracula alters the proposition slightly by taking over Kha’s soul and controlling his body, thus continuing his halted reign of vampiric terror in China. In the meantime, Dr. Van Helsing (Peter Cushing) lectures about the legend of the seven golden vampires in the Chung King university and how there are only six of them left thanks to a dead villager (Okay, so they’re the Six Golden Vampires, but the S.G.V. acronym still works), but 99% of the audience leaves the room. The one remaining student who believes him is Hsi Ching, a villager who has lived with the terror of the S.G.V. and believes that by teaming up with Van Helsing, Helsing’s son, a local (busty) Scandinavian aristocrat and the student’s seven martial artist siblings, they can all finally put an end to the Golden Vampire’s reign.