The Once Upon a Time in China series returns to the Kung Fu Christmas festivities! Today we finish up the Vincent Zhao period within the series, and this fifth film is a step above the forth, but it still isn’t perfect.

The Plot: Our film begins on a port-side village, where a group of pirates have taken to terrorizing a local business. They send a bucket of fingers, which they have stolen from wandering land dwellers, to this port and demand to have rice shipped to them in return. On the same rainy night that these fingers are discovered, Leung Foon (Max Mok) walks up to the door and asks for help in repairing the wagon that holds his master Wong Fei-hung (Vincent Zhao), along with the rest of the regulars from the OUATIC series. This group attacks Leung Foon at first, but after a quick Wong Fei-hung applied beatdown – these two groups come to a understanding. After Wong Fei-hung helps catch a thief, he and the crew travel into town in order to see if the courts are as treacherous as the dock people have made it out to be. As it turns out, the thief that was caught is nothing more than a police officer, and due to the magistrate recently being run off, all finances have been cut off from the local authorities and they are stuck without any form of money. So, Wong Fei-hung takes it upon himself to discover who these reckless pirates are, and set things right within this community.